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Snow Removal & Parking Restrictions

A snow removal period means a period of time commencing at the beginning of each snowfall and lasting for 48 hours after a snowfall, even if the snow has been removed from city streets.

During a snow removal period, it is unlawful to park or leave a standing vehicle on any street between the hours of 1:00 AM and 6:00 AM.

Snowfall on personal properties is the responsibility of property owners.
Snowfall affecting privately owned utilities is the responsibility of those agencies.
Snowfall on County, State, or Federal properties is the responsibility of those governments.
Public Works will perform a full evaluation of the extent of snow removal actions needed and prioritize the work to be performed.
Nuisance snow        1-2 inches
Measurable snow     3-6 inches 
Extensive snow        7+ inches


Primary removal is Main Street and business sidewalks, Fire Department, First Street business access and sidewalks.

Secondary removal is all remaining City streets, Community Buildings, and Churches.

Tertiary removal is all alleys and the waste water treatment plant.

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