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Here’s what happens when you “shop local.”


1. More of your money will be kept in your local economy

  • For every $100 you spend at locally owned businesses, $68 will stay in the community.
  • What happens when you spend that same $100 at a national chain? Only $43 stays in the community.*

2. You embrace what makes your community unique

  • You wouldn’t want your house to look like everyone else’s in the U.S.
  • So why would you want your community to look that way?

3. You create local jobs

  • Local businesses are better at creating higher-paying jobs for your neighbors.
  • When you shop locally, you help create jobs for teachers, firemen, police officers, and many other essential professions.

4. You help the environment

  • Buying from a locally owned business conserves energy and resources in the form of less fuel for transportation and less packaging.

5. You nurture community

  • Local business owners know you, and you know them.
  • Studies have shown that local businesses donate to community causes at more than twice the rate of chains.

6. You conserve your tax dollars

  • Shopping in a local business district means less infrastructure, less maintenance, and more money available to beautify your community.
  • Also, spending locally instead of online ensures that your sales taxes are reinvested where they belong— in your community!

7. You create more choice

  • Locally owned businesses pick the items and products they sell based on what they know you like and want.
  • Local businesses carry a wid­er array of unique products because they buy for their own individual markets.

8. You took advantage of their expertise

  • You are their friends and neighbors, and locally owned businesses have a vested interest in knowing how to serve you. They’re passionate about what they do. Why not take advantage of it?

9. You invested in entrepreneurship

  • Creativity and entrepreneurship are what the American economy is founded upon.
  • Nurturing local business en­sures a strong community.

10. You made your community a destination

  • The more interesting and unique your community, the more we will attract new neighbors, visitors and guests. This benefits everyone!
Last updated 3/4/2022
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