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West Concord Police Department


I am pleased to welcome you to the West Concord Police Department. I serve as the Police Chief for the City of West Concord.

Our organization takes pride in providing the highest quality police services to our citizens and businesses. Primary objectives of any law enforcement agency are to continually and consistently improve the level of public safety and quality of life for its citizens.

The West Concord Police Department is a modern, well-trained and well equipped organization dedicated to serve our community.

We aim to work in partnerships to build safer communities by:

      • Empowering residents within the community to become vigilant and report crime when it is observed
      • Reducing the fear of crime by proactively reducing crime from occurring
      • Helping to support and rehabilitate victims
      • Maintaining order and keeping the peace
      • Keeping people free from intimidation, civil disturbance and unreasonable annoyance
      • Helping to keep traffic flowing easily
      • Increasing personal safety
      • Reducing the risk of property theft, loss or damage

We welcome input and suggestions from the public regarding ways to improve our public safety services, crime prevention efforts, and community partnerships. We believe that the sharing of information between the Police and the Community is vital to building a safer community.


Shannon Boerner
Chief of Police

Our Vision and Mission:

Our Vision is to build a safe community together through partnerships. 

Our Mission is to serve the community by:
• Reducing the incidence and effects of crime
• Detecting and apprehending offenders
• Maintaining law and order and enhancing public safety.


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Learn to Start & Grow a Neighborhood Watch
Additional Safety Resources  (Seniors, Home, Baby/Toddler, Online, etc.)

Animal Control

West Concord Animal Ordinance require that all dogs and cats in the city limits are to be licensed.
  • Animals not licensed may be impounded and the owner will receive a citation. 
  • If the animal is impounded, and before the animal will be released to the owner, the owner will be required to prove that the animal is current on all shots, purchase a license and will be required to pay for the housing of the animal. 
Dog and cat licenses are processed at City Hall. 

Please bring proof of immunizations when you come to apply for a pet license. 

Licenses are valid for one year. 

Fees for neutered animals are $5.00 and for non-neutered animals $10.00. 
All dogs and cats must be on a leash at all times when not on your property. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to clean up after their animal.
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