City of West Concord

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West Concord Fire/Ambulance Department

The West Concord Fire Department is the designated emergency response agency for the City and surrounding Townships.
The Department is staffed with volunteers trained to respond to Fire, Rescue, Medical, and natural disasters. 
A call to the Dodge County Sheriff's office (911) will dispatch this department, or another available department to mitigate the emergency.
All dispatched departments remain in constant communication with the dispatcher.


In the event that 911 is not functioning do the following:

In an emergency always try first to call: 911
If not working call the Sheriff's Office directly at: 507-635-6200
If long distance is also affected or there is no answer, call the West Concord Fire Department at: 527-2176
(note this number may or may not be staffed depending on our awareness or availability)
If there is no answer by any of the above numbers: Seek alternate means of help
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